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Q. When is rent/ common charges/ maintenance due?
A. Rent/ common charges/ maintenance are due the first of the month. 

Q. Where do I send my rent/ common charges/ maintenance?

A. Checks should be sent to:

        Marbrose Realty INC
        43 West 75th Street Suite C
        New York, NY 10023

 Or you may bring them to the office during regular business hours. 

Q. Who do I make the check/ money order payable to?
A. Please check your lease, your lease will list the appropriate entity which the check or money order would be payable to, If you have any doubts just call the office to confirm. 

Q. Can I pay my rent/ common charges/ maintenance online?

A. We currently do not accept payment via the internet, many banks have a service that will automatically cut a check on your behalf. Please check with your bank if this something you would be interested in. Please make sure the check includes the address of the account you are paying for. 

Q. What if I need an exterminator?

A. Each building is serviced monthly by an exterminator. Your welcome letter should include the day of the month your building will be serviced. You must be present on a that day and expect the exterminator to knock on your door. 

Q. Can I install a satellite dish?

A. We do not permit the installation of satellite dishes on any property we manage.